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Jack, has there ever been a balance between the rich and the poor? I have done well in my business and consider myself rich. However, compared to some I am poor. Sorry to say but the poor will remain poor unless they work themselves up. The State Department’s step Thursday raises the prospect that foreigners […]

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I very iffy about it. I bought it, it a decent vibrator, but the price is very overpriced for what you get. A rechargeable hunk of pretty plastic. This 6″ Emperor is definitely my “go to” vibrator. It glows in the dark, for crying out loud! This vibrator could be used for both vaginal and […]

And the crack heads and dealers survive to perpetuate their

It was built 6 decades ago. Was the destruction of the new Mill kanken mini, not 2 decades old, another act of vindictiveness kanken backpack kanken mini, “If we can’t run it our way then nor will you”? Some of the local “Industrial Development Crowd” even engaged in a letter writing campaign attacking the Provincial […]