The life of a scribe was not easy

Thus it was that the Public Protector office was established in the interim constitutional dispensation from April 1994, as one of the “State Institutions Supporting Constitutional Democracy”. Appropriately, given their contentious role, the Public Protector is given security of tenure during their seven year non renewable term of office. The Public Protector must investigate allegations of unlawful executive and administrative action, and recommend remedies.

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canada goose outlet near me The Police have each other backs. They cover up a lot of abuses and misconduct. Let us work toward preventing a repeat of this senseless game of blame and unnecessary loss of lives by being who we are, a nation of laws.. The life of a scribe was not easy. They were low on the social and class scale. One artist illuminator, Jack of St Albans, at the court of England’s King Edward II was paid not for his work but “for dancing before the king upon a table.” A 12th century scribe wrote to those who might be reading his text to remember him canada goose outlet near me.

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